Silence means approval to remain as victim of corruption

Corruption Perception Index 2011

My life has always been moved by inspiration and aspiration, hope and self-confidence. However, I am starting to feel a bit disappointed today when I now come to a conclusion that very few of my fellow Cambodians have the courage to speak up against corruption although they are affected by it everyday. They tend to stay silence or distance themselves from this very critical issue, not to even like the or make comments to my post about corruption, watch or listen to the interview on this topic which I posted on facebook. This is a very worrying situation and trend.

If we know that we are the victim of corruption and yet we choose to bend our head down into the sand and totally ignore this issue, we not only choose to remain the victim of corruption for the rest of our lives but we also allow our children and grand children to become the victims of corruption with our full conscience and agreement. Can we really afford to do this? If anyone answer “yes” to this question, he or she is not a responsible citizen, sorry to say that, but i do so with my good heart and good intention.

Here are some stunning facts and figures related to corruptions that I wish to share with you briefly:
1. Corruption deepens poverty – the developing world lost US$8.44 trillions in illicit flows over the decade ending 2009 (source: Global Financial Integrity 2009);
2. Corruption destabilises – countries with weak governance, control of corruption and rule of law have a 30-40 percent higher risk of civil war (source: World Bank Development Report 2011); and
3. Corruption steals – one in four people reported paying bribes in the last year (source: Global Corruption Barometer 2010/11).

My friends, brother and sisters – If you just take a few minutes to ask yourself these three question: 1) is there anything I can do about this issue?. The answer is “yes of course”. You can make a difference and improve the situation for example by standing up and speaking up against corruption or refuse to pay a bribe. Citizens from around the world can certainly make one of the two choices: 1) continue to be a victim or 2) improve the situation to reduce the negative affect to themselves and to their children and grand children. You have to choose one of them. 2) Do you love yourself and your children? and 3) If you do, will you allow yourself and your children to be the victim of corruption?

“My friends, brothers and sisters, the best time to fight against corruption is now and It’s time to wake up”. I wrote this post at 3:00 a.m from Brasilia, (Brazil) with my good heart.

You can start to make a difference by Sharing this post with your friends in facebook. Please do and feel good for doing so. With love from me as always…Kol.

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