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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training

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WHY we need this skill?

It is observed that people with good communication and public speaking skills are most likely to become successful in their professional careers and have happier personal lives. They can become outstanding individuals, effective employees, managers and leaders. They often receive appreciation from their colleagues and superiors and mostly likely to receive positive responses to their requests than those who have poor communication and public speaking skills. There is also evidence that in the professional working environment, people with good communication and public skills have more chances to get promotion to higher positions and get higher pay for their job quicker than those with poor communication and public speaking skills regardless of their educational background. Global research also reveals that 85% of people’s satisfaction comes from their good relationship with others which is the result of having good communication. Therefore, effective communication and public speaking are considered as important elements for the success of the overall operations of an organization of all kinds. As pointed out by the former CEO of Chyrsler, Le Lacocca who said, “You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your idea won’t get you anywhere.”

This impactful public speaking skill training guarantees improved skills and abilities to make speech and or do presentations to small, media and large group of people more effectively. The training also aims to cultivate positive attitude and interpersonal skills for the employees to perform their best in this area. Once people have learned the essence of public speaking and presentation skills and apply them to their best abilities, they can achieve desired results and reach their highest potentials.

Course Outline:

  • The Power of Listening
  • Key elements of communications
  • Tips and techniques for effective public speaking
  • How to create energy as speaker and for the audiences
  • How to captivate audiences’ attention
  • How to develop the right message for the right audiences
  • How to build confidence, overcome nervousness and engage audiences
  • How to deal with unexpected interruption during presentation

Hands-on practice and group work
  • Learn to analyse world’s best and most influential speeches
  • Practice using tools, preparing and delivering speeches/presentation
  • Personalized feedbacks and customized plan for improvement

Training Method:

Diverse methodologies are used during the training including highly interactive and participative presentation, role-play and practices in class.

Training Outcomes

After having attended this special training, the participants will be able to:
  • Know the tips and best practices for effective public speaking and presentation.
  • Know how to prepare the right messages for the right audiences.
  • Know how to prepare appropriate materials for effective presentation
  • Know how to energize the audiences and captivate their attention.
  • Know how to build confidence when making public speeches or presentations
  • Improve self-confidence making speech and comments formal and informal settings
  • Attain practical experiences in preparing and delivering effective speech and presentation
  • Become a more effective communicator and a better speaker/presenter

Trainers’ Background & Credential

 Mr. Preap Kol is an Ambassador for Peace of the Universal Peace Federation. He is passionate about building leaders and help people achieve their full potentials in both professional careers and for personal happiness. He followed his passion and once became a teacher of English at the age of 13. Throughout his 20 year of professional careers, he has managed to train, educate and mentor tens of thousands of people from all spectrums of society. A naturally good communicator plus over 30 year of real-life experience, on the job training and practices in over 30 countries, Mr. Kol has been known to have achieved outstanding career progressions and made noticeable impacts through his interventions.  

Over the past 20 years, he has worked for various prestigious international organizations including as an Executive Director of Transparency International Cambodia, Regional Coordinator for the UNCAC Coalition (Asia Pacific), Consultant for UNDP, Advisor to the World Bank, Senior Program Manager at a US based democratic institute and European Union, etc.

Mr. Kol has earned a Postgraduate Degree from University of the Basque Country on International Election Observations and Electoral Assistance; a Master’s degree in Political Science; a Diploma in English from the Australian Centre for Education; a Certificate from The Global Leadership Centre of OHIO University, USA; a Professional Certificate in International Anti-Corruption from the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, United Kingdom; and Governance and Social Accountability Certificate from Ateneo School of Government, The Philippines. Mr Kol was a certified trainer of the Oxford Centre for Leadership, UK specialising in Communications and public speaking.

Training Schedule: Sunday 20 September 2018 from 8:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Venue: Phnom Penh
Languages: The training is conducted mainly in Khmer language, in combination with English (the materials/power point are in English).
Tentative Schedule
Day 1: Saturday 09/09/2018 (8:30am - 5:00pm)
08:00am               : Check-in and seating
08:30am               : Welcome and introduction
08:50am               : Key elements for communication and public speaking
10:00am               : Tea Break
10:15am               : Tips and techniques for effective public speaking skills
12:00pm               : Lunch Break
01:30pm               : How to Develop Messages and Contents for Public Speaking
02:00pm               : Public speaking practice by participants
03:00pm               : Tea Break
04:00pm               : Training evaluation
04:15am               : End
* We reserve the rights to adjust the schedule under necessary circumstances

Training Fee

Training fee: $90 per person (the last registration’s deadline is by 07 September 2018)
  • ONLY $75 for first 15 registered participants
  • ONLY $65 for group participant of three (3) people and above

The training fee includes:
  • 2 Refreshments and one lunch
  • Handouts and materials

Contact & Registration

For more information about the training course or further discussion:

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WHY we need this skill? It is observed that people with good communication and public ...

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